Monday, September 22

a week-end post

This weekend was girlie like :)

Saturday evening I was too tired after work, so I hit one of my favourite youtube channels looking for updates. Singing along with Katharine McPhee I found the "The Barbie Daries" video, which made me so curious that I watched the whole cartoon the next day. The story is rather simple: Barbie's character would like to be recognised by other school kids and does her best to become popular. And of course, she succeeds in the end.

Later that Sunday I put my favourite pink dress and went to visit a friend, who was so taken aback by my pink outfit and the song "Connecting" blasting from headphones ( I'm a rock-n-roll babe after all) that insisted on watching the film. By pure accident it had been downloaded to my Ipod, so I spent one more hour watching the "Barbie's diaries".

After severals hours of discussing if that's stupid or awfully stupid to watch teen movies at our age, we decided to get down to a more complicated video "Atonement".

I heard a lot about it, however "Atonement" appeared to be so breathtaking and spectacular that left both my friend and me speechless. The storyline is perfect, the emotions are performed delicatelly and scrupulously, the set is stunning, - it is a masterpiece of modern cinematography.

'Atonemet' is going to become a precious pearl in my small movies collection.


sweets said...

i love teen movies too! LOL how odd we are ;)~ but hey it takes all kinds after all!

Miss Caught Up said...

I love teen movies too!! I think we are never too old to watch teen movies :)

I haven't watched Atonement, so I'll have to check it out! :)