Friday, September 19

Stamp disaster

Sometimes I feel really stupid!

Today I had to glue a rubber to a pocket stamp set. Its body consisted of three round pieces and I had no idea which one was meant for the rubber. So I asked my cubicle-mate, who once had a degree in engeneering, to glue it for me.

He looked blank too :) Having studied the three mysterious pieces thoroughly he concluded that the rubber went with a smaller part. A bigger part seemed to separate the rubber and the ink pad, and the ink pad had to be placed in the biggest piece.

I believed him. Later I tried to use the stamp, but failed. Hope Boss won't notice that the rubber can't reach the ink pad. If he does, I can always say that that was my cubicle-mate's idea.


Miss Caught Up said...

Hehehehe.. well that's no fun. And no manual?

Sunny said...

Yes, there's no manual as the whole set seems to be really ancient. I won't be surprised if Boss got it back in the 20th century :)

Kitty Cat said...

Very funny! Gave me a good giggle imagining you and cubicle mate trying to figure it out.

Sunny said...

Well. Kitty, it must have been really funny indeed. Two serious managers in suits were turning the three piece set in their hand without making head or tail of it :))