Tuesday, September 23

cute survey

One word answer is required. Join in, it'll be fun to read your answers

Where is your cell phone? desk
Where is your significant other? work
Your hair? ginger
Your mother? perfect
Your father? busy
Your favorite thing? chocolate
Your dream last night? safari
Your dream/goal? motherhood
Your favorite drink? tea
The room you're in? office
Your ex? dead
Your hobby? music
Your fear? failure
Where do you want to be in 6 years? San Francisco
Where were you last night? disco
What you're not? stupid
Muffins? chocolate
One of your wish list items? NCIS s6
Time? free
Where you grew up? Russia
The last thing you did? blog
Favorite weather? sunny
What are you wearing? dress
Your favorite book? Hemingway’s
Your TV? broken
Your pet? Cat Your computer? blue
Your mood? Busy :)
Missing someone? no
Your car? dream
Something you're not wearing? slippers
Favorite store? IKEA Love someone? much
Your favorite color/shade? green
Last thing you ate? chocolate
Your life? weird
Your friends? funny
What are you thinking right now? holidays
What are you doing at this moment? typing
Your summer: great
Your relationship status: in a relationship
What do you do when you can't sleep? read
When is the last time you laughed? today
Last time you cried? Don’t remeber


sweets said...

come to South Africa and I'll take you on safari :)~

Being Brazen said...

One of my absolute favourite colours is green. I also dream of motherhood...but no kids for me for at least 3 years :)

Sunny said...

sweets, be aware... I will come!

being brazen, three years is not a long time

Kitty Cat said...

What a nice list. You sound a lot like me in many things.