Monday, September 8

a week-end post

From now on I'll have to work on Saturday, that leaves only one day off, and it just cannot be wasted. So I called a couple of friends and we headed to my favourite bowling club, which very much resembles the bowling from "Across The Universe" movie. I wish Joe and Jim had played with us and had sang a little. Unfortunatelly, they were somewhere across the ocean, so we had to entertain ourselves.

The game rocked as none of us were actually good at bowling but we cheered and support each other really loud: we sang, danced, applauded... It was really crazy. The ball hit the side grooves at first, than we managed to knock down a skittle or two and finally I had a strike and seemed to become an Olympic champion. What a feeling!

In the end we drank to our sport achievements and parted.

At home an e-mail was waiting for me to discover Band From TV. The Band is a group of tv show actors and actresses, who sing and play the most popular songs for the sake of charity. Though, I'd call it - the tv stars' fooling around and having fun :)
They rock, anyway!

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Miss Caught Up said...

Oooh! That sounded like a fabulous time! I need to do that with my friends.. go bowling. :)