Wednesday, September 17

back to teaching

I'm babysitting Boss' kid, again :)

We have English and Maths to do, however the kid'd rather have a cup of tea, cookies and sing to my cd.

I'm listening to the Beatles and the kid is curious who're these guys and if there'll be their concert soon. It is so nice to introduce the Beatles to the younger generation, who is mainly fond of hip-hop and drum-'n'-base, isn't it.

Anyway the kid got an A for the poem, and today we have to learn some more words and learn how to write "W" and "R". These two letter are very difficult as kids usually paint them this way: "V V" and "Я".


Miss Caught Up said...

Aw, it would have been funny if you told her that the Beatles were the first boy band! lol :) That is cute though that she asked if they'll have a concert soon. :)

sweets said...

hey there! thanks for popping by :)
i'll be back...

the beatles rock!

Kitty Cat said...

Sweet, and I read the poem too, so cute. Hi there, nice to see your blog by the way!

Slyde said...

my son does that all the time with HIS letters too