Monday, September 1

September 1

September 1 is The Knowledge Day here. It is the first school day after summer holidays and it is always celebrated at great scale. Half of the city roads get blocked, because happy pupils and students parade thought the city to their schools, colleges and universities carrying backpacks, handbags and huge bunches of flowers for teachers. At every educational institution its director or head teacher makes a speech about the chindren and teenagers who are the future of our country. They promise that the coming school year is going to me the most memorable, adventurous and exciting, and children listen to them dreaming of a nice celebration which will happen after the official part.

I just love September 1, as the city is flooded with careless chatter of young people discussing holidays, dates and parties. And every time I hear them I wish I were back to school again, back to those through-rose-colored-glasses years when I cared about nothing but fun.

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