Friday, September 26

holidays ahead!

Friday is a mysterious day. I never want to work on Fridays.

The bosses are still hunting. However they called me in the morning to make sure I'm not missing from the office. Smart guys! I'm smarter, though. All calls are transfered to my cell, so technically I can be anywhere and still answer the office phone. I just love the 21st century!

The other advantage of modern technology is that movies,which are not in local cinemas yet, are on the Internet. So I'm watching "Mamma Mia!" - a fantastic musical film starring hot Colin Firth, even hotter Pierce Brosnan and stunning Meryl Streep. They are hillarious together! ...I never knew Pierce can actually sing!

In addition, today's the last one, as I'm leaving on holidays on Monday and will have fun at the Red Sea for two weeks. Yahoo!

Gonna miss you, dear blogger-mates.


Being Brazen said...

Have a fabulous holiday!

Miss Caught Up said...

I wish I can watch movies from work :( Our company blocked streaming media... *sigh* Have a great holiday!

Slyde said...

i have yet to see the movie version, but i have to admit that i LOVED the broadway show of mamia mia here in New York..

Sunny said...

being brazen, thank you

miss caught up, same here. It's just I need media for work

slyde, that'll be interesting to know your opinion on the movie. So please share, if you ever get to watch it

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun!
take some pics for me over there!!