Monday, September 15

a week-end post

Birthday-parties time has come, as almost all my friends were born in Autumn.

So this Sunday my former college-mate and colleague organised a nice little cook-out party, where I met plenty of college friends, whom I hadn't seen for ages.

The atmosphere, we created, reminded of binges we used to have: lots of chatting, gossiping, wild dancing, scary karaoke, a stripper and the tv-show "Beverly Hills 90210". We even put on our college uniforms :) What a night it was!

I can hardly believe that being a serious business lady I'm still capable of going that far and becoming that insane.


Miss Caught Up said...

Ah, no matter the age or seriousness everyone should go a little wild from time to time :) It's definitely a stress reliever, yeah? :)

Sunny said...

It is :)

My friend has posted the photos taken at the party at the local Facebook version.... They must be .. erm... censored and deleted. However the friend says they're just funny and is not going to remove any.