Wednesday, September 3

banks ep1... one more disappointment

Perhaps after the bank holiday, that doesn't exist here, the local bank has lost all its valuable workers, as those that are still there are awfully incompetent. They don't know how to transfer a couple of grants to our business partner's bank account which consists of both letters and numeral.

It is unbelievable, but bank representatives claim that it is impossible to transfer the money to a certain bank account whose number is a mixture of numerals and letters. I'm afraid our business partner is about to abandon us... as soon as he gets those money, of course.

I'm already thinking of PayPal or WebMoney... It may be illegal, but it seems to be the only way.


Miss Caught Up said...

Paypal illegal? I don't understand how it is impossible to transfer money just because the account is alpha and numerical based. :-/

Interesting no less.. How about large corporate banks like Charles Schwab? They give you free checks for life, I think. :)

Sunny said...

Of course it is, because PayPal can't transfer the money right to the parter's account. There're way too many in-betweens ;)

Well, I' m a client of an international bank and have no dificulties at all, while the company is not, so there're certain questions every now and then, which nobody seems to be able to handle.